Design Identity:

Looking back at my previous works, a clear pattern can be seen about which kind of designs I want to create. Throughout the bachelor I had the opportunity to explore different areas in product design such as designing a service around the product, user interfaces for apps and products, but also the design of the physical product. This variety gave me the chance to understand that designing a physical product interests me the most.
In addition to this, I realized that my designs have a minimalistic and elegant design, with a very user centered focus. This is reflected in my final bachelor project where I chose to design a steering lever for tugboats. The final design was a physical lever, which took into account anthropocentrics of the captains, and was designed to be highly functional but also visually appealing.
I believe that products should be developed together with the user and not for the user. This way their actual needs and wishes can be accurately determined and implemented, and the final product can be minimalistic and function focused.

In the future I want to work in a design agency like “SlimDesign” or a design agency with similar ideals and goals. What inspires me about them is their focus on “reduction to essentials” which is in line with my view on product design.
I would like to work at a prestigious design agency since I believe that their products will eventually make it onto the market and will therefore potentially change the life of users to the better.
When looking at actual product design, my vision is that products become more sustainable, but not only in terms of materials and production, but also with a larger focus on reusability, longevity, and the possibility of upgrading them.
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