Heatable Packaging for Jan
The Problem

Currently Cerelia produces ready to eat food ranging from pizza dough to mini pancakes. For this project we were tasked to design a new packaging in order to improve the eco friendliness and also to find a way to make it reusable.
The Process

One of the main problems that we had to look into was different materials that could be used for the packaging. This meant doing in depth research into different packaging materials, how these could me manufactured and combined with different materials.
The following was to come up with a multitude of ideas based on requirements we created. We then made clusters from these ideas and chose the best ones, on which then ideated again. After one more round of converging we chose three concepts which we then presented to the client.
After the client chose one of the concepts we focussed all our attention on this concept and finalized it by improving the concept where necessary.
The Result

The final product can be seen on the left and will be made of an aluminium base and a plastic seal made from PE and EVOH. The packaging itself will be 100% recyclable and 91% space efficient. One of the main reasons to choose aluminium was to make it possible to place the packaging in the oven without having to place the mini pancakes on a plate first.
Since we were also tasked to make it reusable we decided to highlight different shapes on the side of the packaging so that children could cut out these shapes and make a garland of it. These shapes could be season specific and represent anything.
Project information

Roles: Researcher, 3D modeller, Ideator, Presenter
Duration: 10 Weeks  
Time period: September/2020 - November/2020 
Team members: 4 Members
Client: This project was made in collaboration with Cerelia and Jan

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