Drink Dispenser
This drink dispenser allows users to purchase drinks in a new way without plastic waste. It is a sleek machine with a large interface that promotes a sustainable shopping behaviour.

Problem Statement:
Currently, supermarkets generally don’t provide an option to buy soda/drinks without also purchasing a new plastic bottle containing it. Plastic waste is a huge environmental problem and therefore needs to be reduced.
Target group:
Tesco customers
Designing a product for the future and anticipating future trends.
Gigi Altman, Marloes Bakker, Daniel van der Wiel, LLP [Me]
Time Period:
August/2019 - February/2020

1. Customer behavior research - Habits of Tesco customers / Customer Journey map

2. Ideation on Shape of the Drink Dispenser

3. Flowchart ideation of Interface

4. Wireframe ideation of the Interface

5. Adobe XD prototyping and Testing with Useberry (Heatmap)

6. Final Shape Development

7. Final Interface Prototype / Interactions between pages

8. Final 3D model for Renders

9. Cost Calculation

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