Azimuth Control Unit
Smart-Ship is a company focusing on bringing force-feedback control levers to the maritime industry. A control unit specifically made for Tugboats had to be developed, which would combine good ergonomics with clear directional feedback from the control unit to the Tugboat operator.

Smart-Ship B.V.
Problem Statement:
Azimuth control units need to very clearly convey directional feedback to the operator, and also be comfortable to use for long periods of time. Currently there are many controls that do not consider these things, which is something that Smart-Ship can use to their advantage.
Target group:
Tugboat Operators of Tugs with Azimuth Thrusters
User testing, Iterative prototyping using Lo-Fi and Hi-Fi prototypes
LLP [Me]
Time Period:
February/2021 - July/2021
1. Primary and Secondary Research to understand the problem
2. Initial Ideation

3. Improve Ideas

4. Prototyping using modelling clay

5. User testing with experts

6. Improving style of chosen form: Sketched and then Rendered for better visualization

7. Prototyping and testing of style concepts

8. Detailed model of final concept

9. Renders in Realistic use scenarios

10. Final prototype resin printed

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