Lighting system for MOSO 
The Problem

MOSO asked us to come up with a new lighting solution that ties in with their Bamboo X-treme decking. Since currently most of the available decking lightings are hard to install and require drilling or sawing, we aimed at making a simpler solution.
The Process

The first step in this project was to decide on what type of scenario the lighting would be made for. besides fitting to the X-treme decking we chose to specifically focus on beach clubs. This meant we had to first research beach clubs, how often they are taken down/ put back up, etc. 
After this we started the ideation phase where we spent a lot of time ideating on multiple ways of how the lighting could be combined with the moso planks. After choosing the best concept though different converging methods, we further developed it and finalized the design. 
Since the workshop was closed it was not possible to create a working prototype for testing, however we were able to model the product in Fusion 360 where we could perform several simulations on it.
The Result

The result is a lighting system that lives behind or below the MOSO X-treme planks. By placing them there it is very hard to see the actual lights making the whole lighting system very subtle. This way the light is dispersed in a very interesting way through the slits giving the area were it is placed a very interesting look. A very important feature is that the planks itself are still tightened down by the current moso hardware.
The lamps would be provided with electricity by placing their fork ends on top of each other. These are then tightened down by the screw used to hold down the planks. 
Project information

Roles: Team Leader, Ideator, Concept creator, 3D modeller, Presenter
Duration: 15 Weeks  
Time period: February/2018 - July/2019 
Team members: 4 Members
Client: This project was made in a collaboration with MOSO

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