Active Learning Tile
A product that enables children to move more in a classroom environment, with the ability for the teacher to set different games and challenges making it versatile in different teaching scenarios.
Problem Statement:
Children do not move enough in today’s standard classroom setting. Most of the learning is done passively. This results in health issues such as obesity and low attention span.
Target group:
Children 6 - 10 years old
User testing with children, prototyping and using electric components (Arduino)
Gigi Altman, Pol Viella, Varvara Timchenko, LLP [Me]
Time Period:
February/2020 - July/2020

1. Initial Ideation

2. User testing with Lo-Fi prototypes

3. Developing further to a full concept

4. Detailed 3D model of the Hi-fi prototype - Fusion 360

5. Building the Hi-Fi prototype - Laser cutting, Soldering, Code writing

6. User testing with Hi-fi prototype

7. Material and production technique selection - CES Edupack, Fusion 360

8. Presenting the Project at ThingsCon

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